4 Reasons Why the Faces of Prisoners Are Covered Before They Are Executed by Hanging

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1. Privacy and Respect.

It’s done to give prisoners some privacy and show respect, even in a tough situation. Covering their faces can help them keep their dignity during a difficult time.

2. Less Scary.

Seeing someone’s face during an execution can be really scary and upsetting for both the prisoner and the people watching. Covering the face can make it less frightening for everyone involved.

3. Traditions.

Some cultures and methods of execution have traditions where covering the face has special meanings. It might symbolize going from life to the afterlife or hiding the person’s identity.

4. Easier for Everyone.

Covering the face can make the whole process less graphic and disturbing. It can be more manageable for the people who have to do the execution and for those who have to witness it....See More

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