4 Things Your Wife Is Scared of Telling You And She Wish You Know

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1. Her Feelings.

Your wife might be afraid to tell you about her emotions. She worries you might not understand or might judge her. She wishes you could be a person she can share her feelings with without fear.

2. Unmet Expectations.

Sometimes, she won’t say when her expectations in the relationship aren’t being met. She hopes you can recognize when she needs more emotional support, affection, or help with chores.

3. Relationship Worries.

If something is bothering her about your relationship, she might not speak up. It could be problems with intimacy, communication, or trust. She wishes you both can talk about these things.

4. Personal Goals.

She might keep her personal goals and desires to herself, fearing it might affect the relationship. She hopes you can support her in pursuing her dreams and growing as an individual....See More

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