5 Countries In The World Where There Is No Single River

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There are several countries in the world where no single river flows entirely within their borders, as they are landlocked or have complex drainage systems. Here are five examples:

1. Saudi Arabia.

Despite its vast size, Saudi Arabia lacks a single river. It mainly relies on underground aquifers and desalination for water resources.

2. Kuwait.

This small Middle Eastern nation is entirely arid, with no rivers. It sources its freshwater from desalination plants and imports.

3. United Arab Emirates.

Like its neighbors, the UAE has no rivers. It also depends on desalination and imported water.

4. Oman.

Oman’s rugged terrain contributes to the absence of rivers. It, too, depends on underground water sources and desalination.

5. Qatar.

Qatar, a small Gulf state, doesn’t have rivers either. It primarily relies on desalination for its water supply...See More

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