5 Good Things Muammar Gaddafi Did To Libyans

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1. Social Welfare Programs.

Gaddafi’s government implemented various social welfare programs that aimed to improve the standard of living for Libyans. These included subsidized food, healthcare, and education, which helped reduce poverty and increase access to basic necessities.

2. Infrastructure Development.

Gaddafi invested heavily in infrastructure projects, such as roads, hospitals, and schools. This contributed to the modernization and development of the country, making essential services more accessible to the population.

3. Free Healthcare and Education.

Libya under Gaddafi provided free healthcare and education to its citizens, which significantly increased literacy rates and improved healthcare access, especially in rural areas.

4. Water Management.

Gaddafi’s “Great Man-Made River” project was an ambitious engineering endeavor that transported water from underground aquifers to the arid regions of Libya, making previously uninhabitable areas fertile for agriculture and settlement.

5. Women’s Rights.

Gaddafi promoted some women’s rights in Libya, including access to education and participation in the workforce. Women’s legal status improved under his rule, and they gained more visibility in public life….See More

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