5 Proven Ways To Stop Self-Pleasure (Spirit Of Masturbation)

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1. Avoid Social Media Sites With Blue Contents:

Social media has both advantageous and disadvantageous qualities provided how you use it . Immoral sites can now be accessed by many through social media sites within just a twinkle of an eye. Try to block these sites and stop using internet sites if they are not so necessary to you.

2. Go For Therapy:

Seek help from a professional therapist you can trust. Be frank and explain to them that you would be happy if you stopped self-pleasure and you will be helped. There are people always willing to help and won’t judge you. Attend all sessions and complete your therapy process. By this, you will have really benefited and come out of your dark moments.

3. Spend Time With People Who Talk About Positive Topics:

Look for better groups to influence you positively. Avoid associations with bad company because this will automatically ruin you either by imitation or actions. Learn from good people and avoid spending time alone since this may make you think of doing it again.

4. Be busy:

Make yourself busy with important things, like reading, exercise, playing football or cooking. Do things that make you engage both your physical and mental body. Look for hobbies that engage your physical strength and be active. Above all stay positive and try hard to stop idleness.

5. Believe And Make Up Your Mind:

It all starts from the mind. Set your mind to stop self-pleasure and believe you can. Be positive and tell yourself that you want to start new. If you are spiritual or religious enough, find your way back. Change is an inevitable process and setting your mind is the first step. Otherwise change is as good as rest; because the first issue is that if you stop masturbation, you change. If you change, you finally rest.…See More

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