5 Question A Woman Would Ask You If She Likes You

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If a woman likes you, she might ask several questions to get to know you better and gauge your interest in return. Here are five questions she might ask:

1. “What do you enjoy doing in your free time?”

This question helps her understand your hobbies and interests, providing a glimpse into your personality and whether you share common activities.

2. “Have you ever been in a serious relationship?”

This question allows her to gauge your past experiences and your openness to commitment, which can be important if she’s looking for a long-term partner.

3. “What do you value most in a relationship?”

This question helps her determine if your relationship goals align with hers, ensuring compatibility in terms of expectations and priorities.

4. “What’s your idea of a perfect date?

By asking about your ideal date, she can get a sense of your romantic inclinations and potentially plan a date that would appeal to both of you.

5. “Do you see a future with someone like me?”

This more direct question can indicate her interest in a deeper connection and whether she envisions a future together…See More

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