5 Reasons You Should Not Burst Your Partner’s Pimples

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1. Your skin will be scarred.

Popping a deep cystic pimple will result in deep scar wound on your face. The amount of blood that comes out, almost as if you cut yourself, would tell you.

2. It increases the number of pimples on your face.

Getting rid of one pimple can lead to the removal of many others. One pimple’s bacteria and pus travel to other places of the face.

3. It causes the healing process to be slowed.

Your body reacts to dirt and bacteria by forming a pimple. If you wait a little longer, the pimple will most likely dry and shrivel on its own, but if you burst it soon, your skin will not recover.

4. Your appearance has deteriorated.

When a pimple bursts, it causes redness, swelling, and inflammation.

5. Your skin is torn.

When you burst a pimple, you forcibly push the pimple’s contents out, tearing your skin I’m the process. A pimple heals in three days, but it takes 14 days if you take matters into your own hands..…See More

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