5 Signs That God Does Not Want You With Someone

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1. Constant Struggle.

If your relationship is marked by constant obstacles, conflicts, and challenges, it might be a sign that the divine forces are trying to convey a message. While every relationship faces its share of difficulties, an incessant struggle might be an indication that the universe is guiding you away from this particular connection.

2. Lack of Inner Peace.

A profound sense of inner peace is often considered a sign that you are aligned with your purpose or on the right path. If being with someone consistently disrupts your inner tranquility and leaves you feeling uneasy or distressed, it may be a signal that this relationship is not in harmony with your higher purpose.

3. Divergent Values.

Misaligned core values can be a significant indication that the divine plan does not include a long-term union with a particular person. If fundamental beliefs and values clash, it may be a sign that your life paths are meant to diverge.

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4. Closed Doors.

Obstacles and closed doors in various aspects of your life may indicate that the universe is redirecting your path. If pursuing a relationship consistently results in doors closing in other areas – be it career, personal growth, or well-being – it might be a sign that the divine plan does not include this particular connection.

5. Intuition and Inner Guidance.

Trusting your intuition and inner guidance is crucial. If, despite external pressures or desires, your inner voice consistently warns you or feels unsettled about a relationship, it could be a divine nudge steering you away from that union..…See More

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