5 Signs That Your Partner Is Destroying You Emotionally

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1. Always Saying Mean Things.

If your partner often says hurtful things that make you feel small or not good enough, it’s a sign they might be harming your emotions.

2. Keeping You Away from Others.

When your partner tries to stop you from seeing friends or family, it could mean they want to control you. Feeling alone and isolated is a bad sign.

3. Making You Doubt Yourself.

If your partner makes you question your thoughts, memories, or feelings, it’s called gaslighting. This can be confusing and make you feel like you’re losing touch with what’s real.

4. Having Big Mood Swings.

When your partner’s emotions go up and down a lot, it can create a stressful and unpredictable atmosphere. This constant change in mood can affect your own emotions negatively.

5. Not Caring About Your Feelings.

A caring partner understands and respects your feelings. If your partner doesn’t seem to care about how you feel or often brushes off your emotions, it can be emotionally damaging.…See More

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