5 Signs There’s A Spiritual Presence Around You (Photos)

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1. The dog in the family

Dogs can see both evil and good spirits. When your dog whimpers to an empty space or calmly looks at something that can’t be seen, it means that there is a spiritual being nearby, probably someone the dog knows. When it comes to choosing a spirit, dogs are like babies.

2. A scent

Your loved one’s spirit might sometimes blow off their favorite smell or something they used to like, like a cigarette, cologon, or perfume. When you smell a loved one’s scent but can’t find them, it means that they are letting you know they are still around.

3. Bulbs that burned out

People say that since electricity is a source of energy, spirits can talk to each other through electronic devices. They can change the results of elections. They can turn on and off bulbs to send greetings or blow up bulbs to show how angry they are.

4. Feeling watched

Even though no one is watching you, you might feel like someone is. You feel like someone is watching you and look around to see if they are.

5. Extreme coldness suddenly

The temperature in the room drops out of the blue, making the whole room cold. That means that there is a ghost in that spot.

6. Goosebumps

People get goosebumps when they are cold or when they feel like something is off. When a ghost is nearby, it can give you goosebumps and make your hair stand on end. If this happens to you, know that something bad is about to happen.

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7. Have the sense that someone touched you

Most people have been through this and don’t think much of it. But then spiritual beings can touch you, and even though you don’t see anyone, you’ll feel it. This might be weird, but a lot of people have done it...See More

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