5 Signs You Have Started Crushing On That Guy

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1. Constant Thoughts.

One of the clearest signs that you’ve started crushing on a guy is when he occupies your thoughts regularly. You find yourself daydreaming about him, wondering what he’s up to, and replaying your interactions in your mind.

2. Butterflies in Your Stomach.

When you see or even think about him, you might experience that classic “butterflies in your stomach” sensation. Your heart races, and you feel a mix of nervousness and excitement.

3. Increased Awareness.

You become hyper-aware of his presence. You notice his habits, his quirks, and even the small details like his favorite music or food. This heightened awareness is a strong indicator of a growing interest.

4. Frequent Smiling.

If you find yourself smiling more often when you’re around this guy, it’s a sign that he has a positive impact on your mood. His jokes are funnier, and his presence makes you happier.

5. Desire for Connection.

You have an increasing desire to connect with him, whether through texting, talking, or spending time together. You’re eager to get to know him better and explore the possibility of a deeper connection…See More

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