5 Signs Your Partner Is Playing With Your Intelligence

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1. Hiding Things.

If your partner hides stuff or keeps secrets without good reasons, they might be playing with your brain. In a good relationship, people share things and don’t hide important stuff.

2. Not Saying Clear Things.

When you ask questions, if your partner doesn’t give clear answers and talks around the topic, it might mean they’re not being honest. Honest partners usually talk openly and don’t make things confusing.

3. Making You Doubt Yourself.

If your partner makes you feel like you’re wrong or crazy when you remember things, it’s a sign of playing with your head. Good partners don’t try to make you doubt your own memory or thoughts.

4. Changing Stories.

If your partner often changes what they say or tells different stories about the same thing, it can be a trick. Honest people usually stick to the truth, and changing stories might mean they’re not being straight with you.

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5. Ignoring Your Ideas.

In a good relationship, both partners respect each other’s ideas. If your partner doesn’t care about what you think and makes you feel like your ideas are not important, they might be playing with your mind. A healthy relationship involves listening and valuing each other’s thoughts.…See More

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