5 Things To Know About The “White-only Town” In South Africa

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Its origin.

Orania was founded with the goal of preserving the Afrikaner way of life, though it has faced accusations of reviving apartheid. Residents maintain they aim to preserve their history without engaging in illegal activities.

2. Strict employment rules.

Only native residents can work in Orania, and the Afrikaner community handles most tasks. Entry is allowed for those with skills lacking among the locals.

3. Substantial savings.

Despite its small population, Orania had approximately $45.5 million in savings deposits in 2013. However, the average annual wage is relatively low.

4. Unique currency.

Orania uses its own currency, the ora, showcasing its distinct Afrikaner history and culture.

5. Admissions process.

Renting a place in Orania involves an admissions process, which may deny entry based on criminal history or other his qualifications…See More

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