6 Tips On How To Conceive Twins Naturally Naturally

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1. Consume more dairy products.

Women who like indulging in dairy are likely to increase their chance of conceiving twins compared to those who don’t. This is all thanks to the growth of hormones that are found in milk, especially if you consume milk from cows that get growth hormone treatment. It might help in increasing your chances of getting twins.

2. Indulging in some wild yams.

It has been found that wild yams can hyper stimulate your ovaries. When this happens, your body release more than one egg during ovulation. As a result, this might increase your chances of getting twins. As a result African women are believed to have a high chance of getting twins as wild yams are part if their ethnic diet.

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3. Try and stop the use of birth control pills.

When you stop taking the pills, it takes a minute for your body to get back in it’s rhythm. Research has been found that you are more likely to conceive twins within a year of stopping the pill. So probably something easy for you to adopt as you are trying to get twins.

4. Getting pregnant while breastfeeding.

If you are still breastfeeding, research has found that this might increase your chances of getting twins.

5.Invest in zinc rich food.

Eat foods like; pumpkin seeds, some yoghurt, green peas etc. Zinc might increase your chances of more than one egg getting fertilized.

6.Try to have some space between your pregnancies.

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If you have a slightly bigger gap between your pregnancies, it might increase your chances of conceiving twins.….See More

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