7 Most Horrible Torture Devices In History- Photos

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1. Guillotine

The most well-known and chosen method of execution. King Louis XVI employed the guillotin. A very sharp razor blade connected to a rope cut the victim’s head.

2. The Rack

The heretics’ arms and ankles were dragged apart until they tore away from the body after being put out on a table.

3. Heretics fork

It is rumored that this neckwear, which had a sharp fork that penetrated the throat and lower jaw, was worn by the church itself. It wasn’t truly a lethal gadget, but as time went on, the victims would become tired of looking up, and as they lowered their heads, the device would start piercing their throats.

4. Spanish donkey

The victims would balance on a jagged triangle-shaped board with their feet weighted heavily to drag them down. As the body was dragged by weights toward the board, it would shatter into pieces.

5. Pear of anguish

a metal expandable pear-shaped object. The apparatus would be placed in the victim’s mouth and would then expand until it released the skull. The instrument would occasionally be put onto the anus to cause severe agony.

6. Brazen bull

In essence, a person was being cooked alive. On the stomach of this metal bull is a door or entryway. After being placed inside, the victim would be roasted alive by the fire built underneath.

7. Torture of rats

The “rat torture” was the most agonizing of all. The victim was fastened to a cage or box with one open side. The box was then set on fire, and as the rats rushed to escape, they dug through the victim’s stomach....See More

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