According To Bible, These Set Of People Won’t See Heaven

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Some claim that even the Bible contradicts itself; that it will instruct you to do certain things before telling you afterwards that following such instructions is sinful. Contrary to popular belief, the Bible requires understanding and caution when being read seriously. Again, avoid taking everything it says literally.

Tools for Bible study.

If you attentively read the Black Book, you will realize that the persons listed below will not enter heaven.

• Those who had affairs with women while out on dates.

• Adulterous individuals.

• Gays.

• Gay women.

• Married after divorce.

• The civil union was wed.

• People who disparage others.

• Women who became pregnant before being married.

• Those who had relationships before getting hitched.

• Women who make use of birth control.

• People who seek out witches.

There is yet more to it. Many of the things we do these days go against what the Bible says. The list is endless. The list includes the following items:

• People who erect sculptures and idols as monuments.

• Transgender individuals.

• Families with homoparents.

• People who fail to acknowledge children.

• People who use sorcery.

• People who gamble.

• People who curse.

• Lies tellers.

• Those who murder.

• Rachet-seekers.

• People with hatred.

• Those who engage in sexual activity outside of pregnancy.

• Bearded men who trim their beard’s edges.

• People with tattoos.

• People who do not defend the elderly.

In spite of all this, the Bible promises that those who repent will receive forgiveness and a seat in heaven. We live in a world filled with sinners, so it is difficult to live without sinning, but if we make an effort to do so, confess our transgressions to the Lord our God, and make up for them, God will pardon us since He has already done so many times.…See More

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