African Country That Has Goats Which Climb Trees, See Why (Photos)

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The distinctive features of the Argania tree, with its fuzzy, twisted limbs and rough, thorny bark, make it easily recognizable. Local goats are drawn to the fruit of these trees, and they often scale them in search of a tasty treat.

Since goats typically move in herds, their tree-climbing adventures can result in frequent collisions, occasionally knocking weaker goats out. Over time, these creatures have adapted to the point where they can swing from the delicate branches of local trees to reach the fruit.

Due to the intense competition for resources, maintaining a healthy population of local fauna is quite challenging. The goats will even climb to the topmost branches to check for any remaining fruit after devouring the low-hanging ones during the early summer or late spring, when the argan fruits are ripe for harvesting in June.

Local farmers have been monitoring this feeding behavior to ensure that the goats stay in their enclosures until the fruits are ready for harvest. The Argania tree, also known as the argan tree, produces the kernels used to extract argan oil. Farmers allow the goats to consume the nuts over several harvest seasons, as goats struggle to digest their meal and need to remove the husk from the nut before spitting it out. This makes the nuts more malleable, facilitating their harvest and the production of argan oil.

To witness these unique dining habits, visitors from around the world often travel to Morocco. Bus tours are a popular way for tourists to observe this intriguing feeding behavior. Local farmers offer various services to profit from tourism, including photography opportunities and goat posing…See More

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