Africans Will Never Be Able To Fight Poverty As Long As Christianity Exists – Lady Saya

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If you are a fan of social media sites and especially TikTok, you might have come across this trending video of this famous tiktoker saying that Africans will not be able to fight poverty due to Christianity beliefs.

This famous tiktoker whose name is Stephanie Gail has said that Africa will not be able to deliver itself from the giant of poverty due to their belief in the Christian religion.

She gave an example and said that in Africa, when an accident occurs in a certain area they accuse the devil instead of rectifying the error which has led to the occurrence of that accident.

Stephanie said that due to Christianity believe, Africans tend to ignore reality and rely on miracles that do not occur, and thus poverty always strikes them.

“Africans will never be able to fight poverty as long as Christianity exists, Africans ignore facts and depend on miracles which do not happen,” she said…See More

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