Are You Still Taking Mealie Pap? See What It Does To Your Body

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Eating maize, or “mealie,” every day can have both good and not-so-good effects on your body. It depends on how much you eat and what you eat with it.

On the positive side, maize can provide you with energy because it’s rich in carbohydrates. It also contains fiber, which is good for your digestion. Plus, maize has some vitamins and antioxidants that can be helpful. If you include maize as part of a balanced diet and eat it in its more natural forms, like whole corn or cornmeal, it can be a nutritious choice.

However, if you eat too much maize every day, and especially if it’s highly processed with lots of unhealthy stuff added, there can be problems. You might gain extra weight, experience spikes in your blood sugar levels, and risk not getting enough of the other important nutrients your body needs.

In simple terms, to keep your body healthy, it’s a good idea to eat maize as part of a varied diet. Try not to let it be the only thing you eat all the time..See More

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