Ask Your Partner These 5 Questions When You Are Ready To End It All

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1. If you had to change one thing about my physical appearance, what would it be and why?

We all have our insecurities, and it’s perfectly normal to want to better ourselves. But asking your partner to critique your appearance is a recipe for disaster. Their answers may accidentally hurt your feelings, and even if they mean well, could leave you feeling self-conscious.

2. There’s a fire in the house, and you can only save me or your mother, who do you choose?

This question is very unnecessary and can create an uncomfortable situation for your partner. It’s unfair to make your loved one choose between you and their parent since the love for a parent is different from the love for a partner. This kind of loyalty test could cause unnecessary drama and even a breakup.

3. If you had to cheat on me with one person that we both know, who would you pick?

This question is a threat to any relationship. Regardless of your partner’s answer, seeds of doubt and jealousy would have already been planted that may grow into bigger problems over time. It’s best to avoid putting your partner in such tricky situations.

4. Would you rather break up and never see me again, or we get to be together for three more years but then I die?

This question is soaked in negativity and is emotionally draining. It forces your partner to imagine a future without you, which can be insensitive and painful.

5. Would you rather be with my appearance but someone else’s personality, or someone else’s appearance and my personality?

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Asking this only pits your physical appearance against your personality, making your partner feel like they have to choose between two things they love about you. It’ll create unnecessary drama and this goes against the real meaning of love, which is about accepting each other for who you are as a whole…See More

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