Between Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United, Who Has The Best Dressing Room? Photos

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In every sport which involves wearing a team Jersey, there is always a room set aside to change from their normal cloth to the team Jersey. This place is called the ‘Dressing Room’. It is not just for changing but also a place where other things relating to the team is kept such as boots, medical kits, jerseys and others.

Amongst the many sport that employs the use of dressing room, football is not left. All football teams have their respective dressing rooms which are well decorated to look like a paradise.

Though all are beautiful and well decorated, I believe there still a room for one to be more beautiful than the others.

Today, I shall be seeking your opinion regarding whose dressing room is the most beautiful amongst three of the biggest clubs in England. They are Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal.

The three aforementioned clubs have wonderful freezing rooms but there is always chances for one to be more beautiful.

Below are pictures of the individual clubs dressing room

1. Manchester United’s Dressing Room

2. Chelsea’s Dressing Room

3. Arsenal’s Dressing Room

What do you think? Whose dressing room looks more beautiful.….See More

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