Bloodwood Tree –Meet The Southern African Tree That Bleeds Like Humans (Photos)

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The Bloodwood Tree, also called Kiaat, Mukwa, or Muninga, is a hardwood tree from southern Africa. When you cut it, it oozes red sap that looks like blood. This tree can grow about 12 to 18 meters tall, has dark bark, yellew flowers, and a wide umbrella-like top.

The red sap is because of a special stuff called Tannins. These Tannins are found in many plants and help protect them from being eaten. Bloodwood’s sap has a lot of Tannins, much more than other plants.

These Tannins are what make some foods taste bitter or sour, like unripe fruit or red wine. And they stop animals from biting into the tree. When an animal bites it, the Tannins come out. They taste bad to animals and make it harder for them to digest their food. So, Tannins help the tree defend itself.

People like the Bloodwood tree because it’s easy to carve, doesn’t get eaten by bugs, and smells nice. They use it to build boats, furniture, and bathroom floors. It’s also good for making musical instruments like the African thumb piano, called the mbira.

The red sap and wood have been used for medicine. They can treat various things like ringworm, eye problems, and even increase breast milk. The sap is used to make dyes and traditional body creams. But, because this tree is so valuable, people are cutting it down too much. It’s in danger of disappearing. That’s why they made it a protected tree in Southern Africa….See More

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