Boil Scent Leaf And Onion Take Twice Daily To Get This Health Benefit

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The plant’s logical name is Ocimum gratissimum, it’s other English name are cushion calamint or tree basil.

They are utilized within thetreatment of ringworm, intestinal sickness, catarrh, parasitic contamination, throbs. The juice aloof from crushing the leaf can fix kidney issue, the runs, cholera, etc.


The onions called the bulb,could be a typical vegetablethat’s broadly developed. Onions are stacked with cancer prevention agent and are low in calories yet high in nutrients and mineral. They likewise battle malignancy, control glucose, help stomach related wellbeing and are advantageous to the guts.


1. Get a handful of scent leaf and wash with clean water.

2. Get 5 onion bulb, peel the outer skin and cut them into two halves.

3. Put the leaf and onion in a pot.

4. Add 1 liter of water inside the pot.

5. Boil for about 20 minutes.

After boiling, sieve the juice out and take twice daily for 7 days.

Health benefits

1. Prevents Cancer

2. Improve digestive system

3. Boost immunity

4. Fights malaria...See More

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