Check Out 6 Countries In The World Where Their Police Men Don’t Carry Guns When On Duty

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In many nations, unarmed police officers may appear unusual. In comparison to countries with armed police, there are much less homicides perpetrated. Arming police officers with firearms, as these countries believe, will only increase violent crime and gun-related homicides.

Twelve of the 16 Pacific island nations do not equip their police officers, preferring to earn and maintain public respect, acceptance, and cooperation rather than instill fear in their population through the threat of force. Rather than depending on a huge number of arrests, this model focuses on easing tensions and addressing the underlying causes of crime, such as poverty, addiction, and mental illness.

1. United Kingdom

The UK has a population of over 66 million people, with an additional 500,000 international students and millions tourists. Despite its standing as a political, social, and economic superpower, its police force is largely unarmed. Since the earliest formed enforcement units in the 19th century, the British have worked on the principle that cops should be approachable as guardians of citizens rather than hunters of criminals. As a result, the UK has a much lower number of deadly confrontations between police and suspected criminals than any other G7 country.

2. Norway

With a population of 5 million people, directly comparing the number of fatal police shootings in Norway to the 328 million-person population of the United States does not generate a fair research. Expert analysis of police shooting deaths in states with similar populations, geographic sizes, and resource economies in the United States. This is due to a primarily unarmed and traditional training regimen. The police agency accepts less than 15% of the qualified people that apply each year. Candidates must finish three years of bachelor’s degree work, a year of ethics and society study, a year of shadowing officers, and an investigational research thesis in order to become a police officer.

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3. Iceland

Despite being the world’s 15th most military country per capita, patrol personnel on this island nation never carry firearms. Instead, pepper spray and extendable batons are deployed. A shotgun or rifle is owned by as many as a third of Icelanders, and police personnel who are well-trained in firearms use can be issued one under certain conditions. The occurrence of criminal conduct is extremely infrequent.

4. Botswana

It is the only African country without armed security forces. Despite the fact that all cops are trained and issued firearms, patrol officers rarely carry them. Botswana’s law enforcement forces follow suit as a result of the country’s strict weapons prohibition legislation. Officers, on the other hand, are armed with batons that can be enlarged as well as pepper spray.

5. New Zealand

Following a succession of high-profile shootings in the country, New Zealand enacted tighter gun laws. Weapons are only authorized to be carried by the dog squad, the airport, and the Diplomatic Protection Squad. Many patrol personnel prefer to undertake car or foot patrols without guns, despite the fact that the rest of the force is well-trained in firearms.

6. Ireland

Only approximately a quarter of the Irish police force has received firearms training. The rest of the police force patrols without firearms, in contrast to detectives and other specialty divisions. Ireland has the lowest rates of homicide and crime in the EU..…See More

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