Check Out The Devil’s Pool, The Most Dangerous Pool In The World (Photos)

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Locals refer to Victoria Falls as Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means “thundering smoke.” It’s situated on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa and is renowned for its breathtaking beauty.

Devil’s Pool, the World’s Most Dangerous Infinity Pool

During most of the year, water from the river flows over the top of the waterfall. However, as the dry season arrives, the water levels decrease, and the river’s flow slows down. At the edge of the cliff, a natural rock barrier prevents a small portion of the river water from flowing over, creating a natural pool. This pool is called “Devil’s Pool” due to its location on the precipice.

Despite its ominous name, many visitors are drawn to this unique and remarkable natural wonder and make their way to the “Devil’s Pool” to experience the world’s most dangerous infinity pool. Contrary to the name, travelers who have visited the pool report that it’s not as perilous as it might sound, as it is encircled by rocks.

Francesco Stuglin, a 35-year-old software engineer from Seattle, visited Devil’s Pool with his wife, Angela, to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. He described their unforgettable experience, mentioning the sensation of fear and exhilaration when standing on the edge of the waterfall.

Devil’s Pool is known for its thrills and breathtaking views, attracting adventurous travelers from all over the world. It was first discovered in 1855 by Scottish missionaries and adventurers. The waterfall is fed by the Zambezi River, and when the river is at its peak, the water flows at a rate of up to 7,500 cubic meters per second. The waterfall’s cascading water creates a spectacle that can be seen from a distance of 40 kilometers due to the mist and spray.

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“Devil’s Pool” is a natural rock pool that developed spontaneously. The local Crulu people, who originally lived near the waterfall, were said to have never dared to touch it. The Tonga people, who live nearby, revere it as a sacred place, believing that the rainbow is a manifestation of the gods.

Due to the potential dangers of the waterfall, visitors can only swim in Devil’s Pool during the dry season, which lasts from September to October. During the flood season, from March to May, the water flow increases significantly, making it too perilous for swimming.

Visitors to Devil’s Pool engage in daring activities, including paddling in the pool, leaning over the edge for dramatic photographs, and even holding infants near the precipice for a memorable experience. The thrill of standing on the edge of the waterfall, feeling the roaring water and the adrenaline rush, makes this a unique and exhilarating adventure.

Despite the occasional chill of the pool’s water, swimmers often find themselves trembling with excitement due to the perilous location. Most swimmers choose not to eat before swimming, as travel guides recommend against it…..See More

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