Check Out The Shortest Couples In The World And Where They Come From (Photos)

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Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino Barros hold the title of the world’s tiniest married couple, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. If you were to meet them, you’d be meeting the shortest known pair globally. Combined, their height barely reaches under 1 meter. They’ve been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest married couple in both Brazil and the world.

Surprisingly, Katyucia, who stands at 91.13cm, is slightly taller than her husband, Paulo, who is 90.28cm. Paulo’s diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism causes his bones not to grow properly, making him a bit shorter than Katyucia, who has achondroplasia dwarfism.

As for their unique love story, it all began on Facebook. Katyucia initially found Paulo’s conversations uninteresting and even thought he was being silly, leading her to avoid him for nearly a year. However, they eventually engaged in a meaningful exchange of ideas.

After an entire year apart, Paulo got a second chance to reconnect with Katyucia, promising not to be bothersome. They started dating and eventually tied the knot on September 17, 2016, setting a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest wedding.

Paulo works as a legal secretary and an attorney, while Katyucia is a hairstylist and salon owner. They both credit their instant connection to sharing many common interests and personality traits. Doctors advised them against pregnancy due to the high risks associated with Katyucia’s enlarged uterus.…See More

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