Check Out The Top 4 Most Protected People In The World (Photos)

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1. Vladimir Putin: As the President of Russia and the leader of a nuclear-armed country, Putin is considered one of the safest people in the world. The details about his security arrangements are highly secretive, but the fact that he has remained in power for a long time suggests effective protection.

2. Donald Trump: Former President of the United States and a billionaire, Donald Trump is known for his extensive security measures. During his presidency, the cost of protecting him and his family was reportedly high, with various specialized units and Secret Service agents ensuring their safety.

3. Kim Jong Un: As the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un is surrounded by a closely coordinated security apparatus. He is said to have his own personal army, the Supreme Guard Command, which is estimated to have tens of thousands of soldiers.


4. Xi Jinping: As the leader of China, Xi Jinping is heavily protected by the Main Security Bureau, an elite guard unit that closely watches over the country’s political leaders. Details about his security arrangements are not publicly disclosed, but it is mentioned that China employs various security measures, including drone surveillance and cybersecurity teams.…See More

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