Do You Know You Can Become A Millionaire By Selling This Insect In These Places

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You should consider yourself fortunate if you already have the stag beetle in your possession. You should know that the shoulder kid is different from all other kidneys, so you should check one carefully and thoroughly to know whether it is stag or not.

If you’re in America, you can sell your beetle, if you’re a Nigerian, for over $80,000. You can sell your dumbbell over N30m (such breathtaking and mind seizing amount). Yes, and it’s not a scam, nor is it a rumor. The beetle is stinkingly costly and you can do your own research for more information.

The beetle had been sold for ages, as buyers already believe it went extinct. Here in Nigeria, the Stag Beetle is a bit common, but it is rare in Europe. Who would like to purchase an insect in Nigeria, it’s best to explore online, some companies are interested in buying rare insects;

-Market Place InsectNet: search for “Market Place InsectNet” and then open an account and read their guidelines. Before you open an InsectNet Market Place account, make sure you have an insect to sell (insects are being bought and sold here).


Insect sales also buy insects, but they sell more. You can visit this site or search for Google’s “Insect Sale.” If you’re lucky enough, you can sell your rare insect there.

These are the two legit sites, which you can sell here in Nigeria too.

The Museum is also buying insects, they’re sure going to pay you more if it’s stag beetle. If you know that you’re going to sell the beetle “stag beetle,” do not sell it under N30m. You ought to be careful…See More

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