Don’t Ever Do These 5 Things If You Want God To Answer Your Prayers

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If you want God to listen to your prayers, there are five things to avoid.

1. Don’t treat prayer like a shopping list.

It’s not just about asking for things you want. God values a connection beyond material desires, so try to talk sincerely and not just ask for stuff.

2. Patience is crucial.

Sometimes, we want things to happen right away, but God works in their own time. Being impatient can strain your relationship with the divine. Trust that your prayers are heard, and be patient.

3. Be real in your prayers.

Don’t pretend or say things you don’t mean. God appreciates honesty and a genuine connection. Share your true thoughts and feelings; don’t put on a show.

4. Try to let go of grudges and negative feelings.

Holding onto anger or resentment can create a barrier between you and God. For a better connection, forgive and foster a more positive, loving environment.

5. Remember to say thank you.

Gratitude is important. Don’t forget to appreciate the good things in your life. Recognizing your blessings creates a positive atmosphere and shows that you’re grateful for what you have..…See More

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