Guys, No Matter How You Love Your Girl, Don’t Talk To Her In These Kinds Of Places

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1. Don’t talk to her in front of her brother.

Even if she wants to give you attention, the fear that her elder brother is there with her will kill the vibes. Even, most brothers are sometimes overprotective of their sisters, the reason is that they want the best for their sister and don’t want her to go astray.

2. Don’t talk to her in the presence of her parents.

This is so wrong to do bro. When you do this, you have just ruined your chances with her. Apparently, no parent would welcome such a gesture coming from a guy to their daughter. And ao it is advisable to not talk to a girl in the presence of her parent. Like the smart guy that you are, you can just try as much as possible to approach her when her parent is not there, then you can have her attention to the fullest.

3. Don’t talk to her when she is with her friends.

Be it a male friend or a female friend, avoid talking to a girl in the mids of her friends, reason is that no matter how good your lines are she would not want to leave her friends to talk to a random person. Girls cherish their friendship a lot and so someone she is just meeting can not just take her away from them just like that. If you must talk to her when she is with her friends, make sure you make friends with her friends before trying to talk to her, that way it would be easy….See More

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