Have You Ever Seen White Or Yellow Zigzag Lines On The Road? This is What It Means (Photos)

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white or yellow zigzag lines on the road are common markings used to convey important traffic regulations and safety information. These lines are typically found near pedestrian crossings or areas where parking or stopping is prohibited.

White zigzag lines are often used to indicate a pedestrian crossing or a school crossing zone. When you see white zigzag lines on the road, it signifies that parking, waiting, or stopping a vehicle at that location is strictly prohibited. The purpose is to ensure the safety of pedestrians and to keep the area clear for their use.

Yellow zigzag lines, on the other hand, are frequently used to designate areas around fire hydrants. Parking, waiting, or stopping near a fire hydrant can obstruct access for firefighters during emergencies, so these yellow zigzag lines serve as a warning that you must not park your vehicle there…See More

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