Here Is How The Name “Africa” Came into Existence

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the name “Africa” is commonly believed to have its roots in the ancient Roman designation “Afri,” referring to the northern part of modern-day Tunisia. The term “Africa” gradually came to encompass the entire continent, primarily through Roman and later European cartography.

The modern name “Africa” is derived from various sources. One theory is that it comes from the Phoenician word “afar,” meaning “dust,” which might reference the Sahara Desert. Another theory is that it originates from the Greek word “aphrike,” used to describe the land of the modern-day Tunisia. It was subsequently adapted into Latin and later spread through European exploration.

Throughout history, Africa has had various indigenous names specific to its diverse regions and languages. The continent’s current name, “Africa,” was shaped by a combination of ancient and colonial influences, resulting in the term we use today to describe this vast and culturally rich landmass...See More

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