How Do They Build Bridge Pillars Deep Into The Ocean Floor? (Photos)

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Building bridge pillars deep into the ocean floor is a complex engineering feat that involves several key steps. First, a detailed underwater survey is conducted to assess the ocean floor’s composition and depth. Once the optimal location is determined, construction typically follows these steps:

1. Foundation Preparation.

To ensure stability, workers may excavate a trench in the ocean floor to create a stable base. Sometimes, a temporary cofferdam is used to create a dry work area.

2. Pile Installation.

Steel or concrete piles are driven into the prepared foundation. This is achieved using specialized equipment like pile drivers. The piles are driven deep into the seabed to provide stability and support for the bridge.

3. Caisson Construction.

A cofferdam, also known as a caisson, can be used to create a dry working environment for the construction of the pillar. The caisson is lowered into place and secured to the piles. Workers inside the caisson excavate material from the ocean floor and pour concrete to form the pillar.

4. Maintenance and Monitoring.

Once the pillar is in place, it’s continually monitored for stability and corrosion, and maintenance is performed as needed to ensure its longevity...See More

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