How To Become A Starboy Or Stargirl According To Wizkid

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Wizkid, born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music sensation. He gained international acclaim for his Afrobeat and reggae-influenced music. Wizkid’s hit songs, including “Ojuelegba” and “Essence,” have made him a prominent figure in the global music industry, earning numerous awards and collaborations with top artists. However, in this article, will we tell you how to become a Star according to Wizkid.

1. Dress well

Always dress well whenever you are going, being churches, shows, events, clubs, etc. Have nice shoes that will fit all your dresses and don’t forget to always smell nice.

2. Don’t talk too much.

Always behave yourself, if they don’t ask you anything remain silent, only speak when they ask you and they will listen to you

3. Be Ambitious.

Don’t settle for less, always strive for more, don’t give up and don’t take no for an answer

4. Look Clean.
I don’t care how much your clothes cost, just make it clean even if is 1 naira clothe.

5. Believe in God.
If you want to be a StarBoy Or Stargirl, you have to believe in God, because God is the ultimate and the owner of star...See More

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