How To Innocently Let Her Know You Won’t Marry Her

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Breaking the news that you don’t want to marry someone should be done kindly and honestly. Here are five simple ways to communicate this:

1. Honest Conversation.

Talk openly with her. Explain your feelings gently and honestly. Use simple words to tell her why you don’t want to marry.

2. Be Kind.

Use a kind tone and words. Show her that you care about her feelings. Say nice things about her qualities, even if you don’t want to marry her.

3. Share Your Future Plans.

Tell her about your future goals and dreams. Let her know if they are different from what she wants in a marriage.

4. Ask for Advice.

Suggest talking to a counselor or therapist together. This can help both of you understand your feelings better.

5. Give Time and Space.

After you talk, give her time to think and feel. Don’t rush her into any decisions. Be there to support her while she processes her feelings….See More

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