How To Know If Someone Is Not Just Good For You

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Determining if someone isn’t good for you is essential for your happiness. Here are five straightforward ways to tell:

1. They’re Always Mean or Negative.

If a person is often unkind, criticizes you a lot, or makes you feel bad about yourself, that’s a sign they may not be good for you. You should be with people who make you feel good.

2. You Can’t Trust Them.

Trust is super important. If someone breaks promises, lies, or lets you down often, it means you can’t rely on them. Trust is the glue that holds relationships together.

3. You Have Very Different Beliefs.

If your core beliefs and values clash a lot, it can lead to conflicts. For example, if you want different things in life or have different moral views, it can be tough to get along.

4. They’re Hurting You.

If someone is hurting you physically or emotionally, that’s a big warning sign. Abuse is never okay, and you should seek help and distance yourself from such a person.

5. You’re Stuck and Not Growing.

Healthy relationships should help you grow and become a better person. If being with someone keeps you stuck, stops you from pursuing your goals, or discourages your dreams, they might not be the right fit for you.….See More

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