How To Survive When Many People Are Beating You At The Same Time

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Surviving a physical attack by multiple individuals can be incredibly challenging, but there are strategies that can increase your chances of staying safe:

1. Awareness.

Stay alert to your surroundings. Awareness is the first line of defense. If you see a group acting aggressively, try to distance yourself.

2. Stay Calm.

Try to stay calm and not fight back if you can avoid it. Fighting might make things worse. Show you don’t want trouble.

3. Yell for Help.

Make lots of noise by yelling loudly. This can scare off the attackers or get the attention of others who can help.

4. Use Anything for Protection.

If you can’t escape, use things around you as shields or weapons. A bag, a stick, or even a chair can help protect you.

5. Protect Vital Areas.

If you have to defend yourself, focus on protecting your head, face, and body. Try to avoid getting surrounded....See More

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