I Became A Sugar Mama After My Husband Died – He’d Be Proud Of Me For Showering New Lover With Gifts

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A woman shared her journey into becoming a sugar momma after her husband’s passing and offered advice on finding a younger partner.

Kara Miller, 36, enjoys pampering her 27-year-old boyfriend, Daniel, with extravagant gifts, luxury cars, and a generous allowance.

She discovered her “sugar momma” role on Bumble shortly after her divorce from her late husband, Aaron. Despite the age difference, Kara relishes spoiling Daniel, providing him with an allowance of up to £800.

Although Aaron passed away in 2021, Kara believes he would have supported her in her newfound lifestyle as a sugar momma. She feels he would be proud of her and encourage her to ignore any criticism.

“Aaron knew about my lifestyle and backed me in everything,” Kara stated. “I think he’d be proud of me and tell me not to pay attention to the naysayers.”

Kara and Aaron initially met through a mutual friend about ten years ago, and it was love at first sight.

Hailing from California, Kara acknowledges that Daniel isn’t her first sugar baby, but he is certainly the youngest boyfriend she’s ever had…See More

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