I Tricked My Guy Into HIV Oral Test And This Is Now Happening

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A Nigerian Lady tricked her boyfriend into an HIV test and the results were positive.

According to the lady who’s user name on naira land is @Adonis69, read “Earlier this year I met this guy and we became friends. He started visiting my apartment because him and his friends just moved into my compound. But I noticed that although he looks athletic, well built and physically fit but he’s very sexually active, swinging both ways.

Yesterday I got an oral quick HIV test kit and told him it was for gonorrhea test because he’s not that enlightened. So he accepted to the test. When the result came out, he’s HIV positive. I wasn’t so sure, so I contacted a HIV health worker and he confirmed that the owner of the test is positive.

Now, should I tell him or keep it to myself because he’s already telling me that condom busted the last time he was having sex with a lady, which gave him gonorrhea. So he was taking drugs for it and was asking me how to prevent such from happening in future. I’ve advised him to double the condom, since he has a very huge and slightly curved dick, which is the cause of the tear during sex.

So pep, should I tell him he’s positive or mind my business? He’s been running temperature since yesterday and was complaining of cough and catarrh” she started…See More

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