I Used To Sacrifice Four Passengers Every Month To Devil To Maintain My Bus Company And Wealth

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James Nduati, a resident of Murang’a, chose to remain anonymous during an interview with YouTuber Kamuhunjia, where he shared a shocking story. He confessed that in the past, he engaged in a horrifying practice to sustain his bus company and accumulate wealth.

James revealed that he dropped out of high school and moved to Nairobi, where he initially found employment. Later, he teamed up with a friend involved in buying and selling cars. He managed to purchase a car for 600k and subsequently sold it.

This success inspired him to buy another car at a lower price, and he continued to save while earning a decent income. His friend suggested they venture into the transport business, but James initially hesitated. Eventually, he took a loan and started the business on his own.

Operating matatus on Thika Road and long-distance buses to Kisumu and Mombasa, James initially experienced success. However, his business gradually declined, leading to difficulties in repaying the bank loan.

In desperation, he turned to a fellow colleague in the same line of work who offered to take him to a pastor for help. The pastor’s unconventional methods included asking James to bring his wife’s clothing for prayer.

After following these instructions, James claimed that his business temporarily thrived. However, it soon faltered again. His friend insisted he return to the pastor, but James delayed.

Simultaneously, his wife’s health deteriorated, with frequent bouts of sickness. The pastor then demanded a more significant sacrifice, suggesting that James should offer his wife. Distraught, James refused and walked away.

Two weeks later, James’ wife suddenly fell ill, exhibiting strange symptoms. Despite medical tests showing no apparent cause, she tragically passed away.

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In the wake of these events, James experienced a sharp decline in his business, leading to the sale of his vehicles at a loss. Regretful of his actions, he urged others to be cautious, as he knew people within his industry who still turned to the same pastor for help, unaware of the disturbing consequences...See MoreMore

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