If She Slaps You, Please Don’t Retaliate” – Sugar Daddy Begs Side Chic Ahead Of His Wife’s Visit

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“Extramarital Affair Exposed: Wife Discovers Sugar Daddy’s Unusual Request to Side Chick

@graciajoliee, a side chic on TikTok, recently unveiled a shocking request from her sugar daddy. This revelation unfolded when the married man’s wife uncovered their affair and decided to confront the other woman.

Desperate Warning on WhatsApp
In a bid to prepare his side chic for his wife’s impending visit, the sugar daddy reached out via WhatsApp.

He not only admitted his wife’s knowledge of the affair but also made an unexpected plea. Fearing a possible confrontation, he implored the side chic not to retaliate if his wife turned physical, specifically asking her not to fight back if she were to be slapped...See More

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