If She’s Too Shy To Ask You Of Money, Here Are 4 Things To Know

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1. Observation.

Pay attention to subtle cues. If someone avoids discussing financial matters, it may be a sign of their discomfort. Look for changes in behavior or signs of financial distress.

2. Open Communication.

Initiate an open and non-judgmental conversation. Let the person know you’re there to help and that they can talk to you about their financial concerns without fear of criticism.

3. Respect Their Dignity.

When offering assistance, do so in a way that preserves their dignity. Rather than making it seem like charity, frame it as support during a challenging time.

4. Explore Alternatives.

If they’re hesitant to accept money directly, explore other ways to help. Offer to assist with budgeting, provide resources, or connect them with financial counseling services...See More

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