If Someone Is Secretly Mad At You, They Start Showing These 5 Altitudes

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Detecting if someone is secretly upset with you can be challenging, but here are five simple signs to watch out for:

1. Less Talking.

If they used to talk to you a lot and suddenly stop or speak less, it could be a sign. They might be avoiding you.

2. Not Happy Face.

Pay attention to their facial expressions. If they often look unhappy, frown, or avoid eye contact when you’re around, they might be mad.

3. Cancellations.

If they cancel plans with you often, it might mean they’re not happy with you. They’re not interested in spending time together.

4. Being Mean Quietly.

Sometimes, people won’t say they’re mad but might make mean or sarcastic comments. This is a way to show they’re not happy.

5. Ignoring You.

If they usually include you in activities or conversations but start leaving you out, it’s a sign they might be upset with you...See More

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