If Thieves Break Into Your House, Do These 5 Things Immediately To Secure Yourself

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In light of the recent economic downturn, some individuals with dishonest intentions have resorted to breaking into homes and stealing belongings, despite their claims of desperate need for food and money.

To ensure your safety in the event of a burglary or armed robbery, here are six precautions you can take. I kindly request you to spare a moment from your busy schedule to read this valuable information.

1. If you suspect someone is attempting to break into your house or climb over your fence, it is crucial to turn off all lights. This includes the living room, dining area, and master bedroom. By doing so, you make it difficult for the intruder to locate or identify you from outside the premises, providing a significant advantage.

2. It is essential to clarify that the following precautionary measure should not involve any form of yelling, as it might lead to misunderstandings. Instead, consider installing alarms in your home and vehicles, which can act as a strong deterrent against fraudulent activities or crimes.

3. In the case of a car with a longer range, you can utilize your key fob to trigger a sudden and unexpected horn honking. This unexpected reaction can catch the trespasser off guard and draw attention to your residence. If your car doesn’t have a long-range capability, the same can be done by using your key fob from a closer proximity.

4. Rather than panicking and shouting, it may be advantageous to observe the intruder cautiously from the safety of a window. By doing so, you can gather information and assess whether the individual is acting alone or as part of a group. This observation will assist you in devising a strategic plan and determining the opportune moment for any counterattack.

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5. As soon as possible, contact the police and provide them with all the pertinent details regarding the incident. While turning off the lights in your house is a wise initial step, it is equally important to promptly inform the authorities. Don’t wait until the trespasser is at your door demanding entry before seeking police assistance.

6. If you feel comfortable and it is safe to do so, turn off all lights to ensure that you remain unseen as you exit the house at night. This will help shield you from the intruder’s line of sight.

If you have a discreet exit route that offers the highest level of safety, utilize it. Remember, if your life is at stake, it’s preferable to sustain injuries while fighting for survival than to succumb to the attacker.

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