If you Experience Any Of These Signs, It Means Angels Are Around You

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Angels are supernatural beings found in various religious and mythological traditions. Typically depicted as messengers of God, angels are often associated with divine intervention and protection.

In Christianity, angels play a significant role, appearing in the Bible as celestial beings who deliver important messages to humans. The archangels, such as Michael and Gabriel, are well-known figures in Christian angelology.

In Islam, angels are central to the faith, serving as intermediaries between God and humanity. Among them, Jibril (Gabriel) is believed to have conveyed God’s revelations to the Prophet Muhammad. In Judaism, angels appear as messengers and servants of God, with a notable example being the angel who wrestled with Jacob in the Hebrew Bible.

Signs that show angels are around you,
Below are the indicators to see whether the angels come around:

• Coins and pennies appearance.

• Temperature change.

• Light orb presence.

• Hear in your ears high pitched noises.

• Sudden lumps of goose.

• Feathers appearance.

• Butterfly appearance.

• In your dreams, messages.

• Sky symbols or imagery...See More

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