If You See These Eggs In Your Garden, You Should Be Very Careful (Photos)

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In the realm of animal reproduction, many species rely on egg-laying as a vital part of their life cycle, often coinciding with seasonal shifts. When it comes to your own backyard, it’s typically chickens, ducks, and turkeys that engage in this practice unless you’ve provided them with a smaller shelter. These birds deposit their eggs without much discrimination, and you’re bound to stumble upon these while wandering through your yard.

However, it’s important to exercise caution around these eggs, as reptiles are also known to lay eggs. Vipers, chameleons, and monitor lizards are prime examples of reptilian egg layers. Snakes, in particular, tend to place their eggs in concealed, humid locations to safeguard them from potential predators. Chicken eggs and the eggs of wild animals have distinct characteristics, so distinguishing between them is essential. Chicken eggs can be either brown or white, but they all share an oval shape and a sturdy shell.

In contrast, the eggs laid by reptiles like snakes exhibit a more rounded, cucumber-like appearance, adorned with tiny dots. The shells of wild animal eggs don’t seem as robust as those of chicken eggs. Therefore, if you discover eggs resembling the latter description in your garden, it’s prudent to be wary, as they might belong to snakes.

In case you suspect these eggs are from snakes, you can employ chemical repellents by spreading them across your yard. Ammonia and diesel, known for their potent repelling properties, can be mixed in a 9-kilogram bucket filled with river sand. This mixture can then be distributed throughout the lawn, even around the trees. If you come across any crevices, consider applying diesel inside. Such measures are likely to drive snakes and other pests away from your premises, as they’ll be repelled by the strong odor.…See More

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