I’m A Single 40-year-old Woman Living In A Van Down By The River – I Have A Pull-put Table To Eat On, My Dog Can Join Me

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A TikTok user named Annie, a 40-year-old who lives in her van, recently shared a glimpse into her nomadic lifestyle. She highlighted her routine of dining outdoors beside a picturesque river with her faithful dog. Annie demonstrated how she effortlessly transforms the back of her van into an al fresco dining area, complete with a hot plate and frying pan.

She even showcased the woven basket where she keeps her kitchen supplies. In one scene, she indulged in a sandwich made with pears from her mom’s yard, all while her pets, including a cat and a golden retriever, observed her mealtime by the river. TikTok users praised her unique way of life, with some expressing a desire for such independence with their pets….See More

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