Is Only Older Men That Have Satisfied Me The Most In Bed” – Lady Says

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Popular media personality, Moet Abebe opens up on being attracted to older men as she reveals that they satisfy her the most.

She made the statement while speaking in the first episode of the podcast Bahd And Boujee, which is co-anchored by the reality star, Tolanibaj.

While speaking with Tolanibaj, the 34-year-old revealed that some of the best experiences she had enjoyed in the bedroom had been with men who were very older.

When asked about the oldest she’s been with, she revealed the age to be 50.

TV personality, Moet Abebe. Photo Source; Instagram.
Moet Abebe said: “I really like older guys. But sometimes…”

Tolanibaj interjected; “[singing] Stamina, stamina, you need more stamina.”

Moet chipped in: “No, it’s not about stamina. I’ve had the best sxxx with older men.”

But Tolanibaj enquired: “When you say older, what’s the age range?

In response, Moet said: “Uhmm… The oldest I could go is 50...See More

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