Israel Has Bought the Most Dangerous War Planes From The United States

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Israel continue to extend it’s Weapons scope by acquiring the most sophisticated war planes from USA. She has acquired the F-35 ranked as the world’s most advanced fighter jet. Israel is the only country in the Middle East to own and fly them. Israel’s $3 billion purchase has now increased the fleet of massive F-35 jets from 50 to 75.

Israels air force is the most prolific and one of the best in the world with close to 400 war planes now. The air dominance has given her a bigger advantage compared to Palestine which is relying majorly on missiles launched from the ground.

Israel and USA are close allies who have supported one another in moments of war. USA has in the past one month restrategized by strategically placing it’s massive water attack ship near the Israel to be able to detect and repel any enemy seeking to escalate war from the deep seas....See More

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