Kanayo O Kanoyo Revealed What His Name Means

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Popular Nigerian actor Kanayo O Kanayo, whose real name is Anayo Modestus Onyekwere has shared a touching story about the meaning of Kanayo Kanayo (his name) and the profound implication it held for his family.

Meaning Of Kanayo Kanoyo Revealed, Here Is What It Means
In his narrative, he uncovered that he was named “Modestus” by his father, and “Anayo” by his mother. This exhibition of double naming arose from the profound impression of gratitude and hope that his birth brought to his parents.

They had experienced the heartbreaking loss of two or three sons who did not live beyond the age of three. With the arrival of Kanayo, his parents celebrated and communicated their determination to please God for this precious gift of a son.

So this was why the actor was named “Kanayochukwu ma nkea, oganota” when he was born, and it makes an interpretation of to “Let’s pray to God that this one stays.”

Kanayo O Kanayo also disclosed that the circumstance explains the 17-year age gap between him and his only brother.

He wrote, “Do you know why I am called Kanayo OR Anayo? Two or three born before me all died before getting to three years of age. My parents were unsure if any other born after would live longer. When I came, my parents, Donatus and Isabella Onyekwere, said ” Kanayochukwu ma nkea, oganota.”

“Let’s pray to God that this one stays. Explaining the 17 year gap between me and my only brother. I came, I stayed, I am still here. No plans of checking out anytime soon.”

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The actor further dropped a direction to all, stating that people should stay in their lane and play their own position in light of how they came to the world, similarly as he is doing….See More

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